The SLS Cyberlaw Section Pre-conference Online Forum is open on the 15th March 2013. This forum is for scholars, practitioners and general public to share current development, new ideas and cutting-edge advances in the field of cyberlaw in preparation of the SLS Annual Conference Cyberlaw Section to be held at the University of Edinburgh on the 5th and 6th September 2013.

Graham Smith (Partner, Bird & Bird), one of the pioneer IT law practitioners will deliver a keynote on Are tech law principles in the ascendancy?.

‘Tech lawyers, from the earliest days of legislating for electronic transactions, have been advocates of technological neutrality and functional equivalence between online and offline. Are these principles now gaining wider acceptance? Graham Smith will discuss, with particular reference to recent decisions such as the Canadian Supreme Court Copyright Pentalogy, UsedSoft v Oracle in the CJEU and the UK Supreme Court in Meltwater.’

– Graham Smith, Bird & Bird, UK

Comments from any angle and discipline will be welcome. Please enter your views by ‘leaving a comment’.

Category 1: Digital IP Rights and Sale of Goods

‘In the current digital era, questions concerning the interrelationship of sale of goods law and intellectual property law have become particularly problematic. The English law of sale is still stuck in the age of the horse, and not the age of Amazon. The effect of potential growth in embedded and nano-technologies, as well as the impact of IPR pirates, trolls, and tyrants should therefore be analysed.’

– Sean Thomas, University of Leicester, UK

Category 2: Data Privacy Protection, Internet Regulation and ISP Liability

‘Big data (XL) is not just another incremental technological development. It is not just more of the same, but a new informational paradigm. Such new technological paradigm requires more than technical adjustments as the fuzziness of privacy theory renders this task a challenging one.’ Paper Download

– Michael Birnhack, Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Category 3: Online Dispute Resolution and Internet-related Disputes

‘The Irish Mediation Bill 2012 does not exclude the possibility of court referred or court ordered online mediation. This will require those who engage in online mediation to assess the mechanisms used as part of the process.’

– Lorraine Lally, The Bar Council of Ireland, Ireland

A full program will be available in due course.